Free Download Sony Vegas PRO 15

Free Download Sony Vegas PRO 15
Song Vegas Pro is a popular software which is extensively being used for editing purposes. This tool is used to edit images, videos, audio and other multimedia using Non- Destructive editing technology which is also known as Non-Linear Editing. Sony Vega S Pro 15 is now available for free download and can be installed on Microsoft Windows platform. It is licensed for free use but if you want all the features and functionality you will need to buy a full version license. It is basically a video editing tool which was initially published by Sonic Foundry, later publishing rights were taken by Sony Creative Software but now it is being published by Magix. The developers of this amazing video-editing tool is Vegas Creative Software. The setup available is of latest most version which is 15 earlier popular versions of this tool were 14 and 13. You can Download those versions as well if you want. It is very compatible software it can be installed on any of the Windows operating system, both 32-Bit (X86) and 64-Bit (X64) can run it as separate editions for both types of operating modes are available for free download. This compatibility ratio of Vega S PRO makes it platform independent. Developers claims that this release is more user-friendly and has advanced customization features, hence it is one of the best editions released so far in the series.

In the start the software was only made to develop for the audio editing purposes but after version 2.0 they incorporated other editing features also. Now in the latest version you will get for free you can edit multiple tracks at a time. Download this tool in full version and experience the best software in the category of multimedia editing and customization.

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Sony Vegas Pro 15 Tutorials

Internet is full of tutorials that can guide you how to use this amazing tool in an effective way, guide on each and every feature is available on Youtube and various other platforms. Learning Vega S Pro is made easier with such tutorials and guides. You can get hands on to this software within few hours and bring it to an effective use.

Vegas Pro Free Download Details

License: Proprietary
Developers: Vegas Creative Solutions
Size: 4.5 MB

download sony vega pro 15

NOTE: The Download link above will redirect you to the official website of developers, you can simply select which edition you want to install and starting downloading the files. The license for this version is Proprietary but you can purchase Serial Key for full version.

DriverPack Solution 18 Free Download

DriverPack Solution 18 Free DownloadDriverPack Solution or DRP is the ultimate software that can cater your driver's installation problems efficiently. DRP 2018 edition is now available for Free Download as both Online and Offline installer. DriverPack Solution 18 can be installed on any Microsoft Windows PC to find and install all kinds of missing drivers. It is available in both 32-Bits (x86) and 64-Bits (x64) versions, you will find a trial period version of this software but the full edition is also easy to download once you purchase its license. Using Offline installer the users are able to install the application without being worried about the internet availability. As DRP 18 is a size intensive software so mostly it is released as ISO File. To install the iso file user have to burn it to one of the drives of the computer. This edition whose setup is available for free is the latest most version and was first released at the very start of the year 2018. Before this DRP 2015 have been doing the task of scanning and installing all kinds of missing drivers. This software performs best on Windows 10 as that is the most recent edition of Microsoft Windows Series. This software solution can be used on different kinds of devices and can install a variety of drivers for various types of brands.

Official website of the provides you the option of downloading 3 types of the setups. First, you can go for the DriverPack Online which has a size of almost half an MB. This suits best for the people who have an active internet connection when they intend to scan and install missing drivers, the version for this type is 17.7.85. The other option is for Offline Network this one contains every driver for Network Hardware i.e LAN/Wi-Fi. Its size is 465MB and a version for this type is 17.7.73.

You can download DriverPack Solution 2018 Offline Full of size 16 GB which comes often in ISO file format. This edition has files packed into its setup and on installing it the user is able to do the scan and install procedure without a need for an internet connection. It can be downloaded for free in full version from Torrent-Tracker.

brands supported by DRP 18

The above picture is taken from official website of developers, they say that their packages support automatic installation of every file from these brands. The developers claim that their packages contain more than 1,211,067 drivers and each one of it is manually tested by them. Universal Pack is the main competitor available for full download.

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DriverPack Solution 18 All Versions Download

DriverPack Online:

Offline Network

DRP Offline Full

All these links are of official/developers online website and the user just needs to click the buttons to start the downloading process automatically.

Xbox Emulators Free Download for PC

Xbox Emulators Free Download for PC
Xbox is one of the most famous gaming consoles in the world, they are being used to play thousands of video games around the globe and millions of people are using it. Hundreds of game developing companies have built games for this console in all most all the genres and categories. It was introduced by Microsoft, there are two versions named for 360 and One. Many video games are available in a free download for these consoles. Many of these games are in full version while some can be played in a Demo or trialware version. The main problem which arises is that there are tons of games which are only made for Xbox consoles and not made for PC or PlayStation so there is a need for Emulator which allow the PC users to emulate such video-games at their PC (Microsoft Windows). Emulating Applications for all most every console is being developed and used to play and Download Free games.

As makers of Xbox and Windows Operating system is Microsoft so it is quite possible to design an Emulator for it. Both the models use x86 modified and compatible hardware, alternatively many applications are also made that you can download and emulate Xbox consoles for Free. Some of the popular emulators available for download are Xeon, Cxbx, Cxbx reloaded, MAMEoX, NeoPopX, NeoGenesis, FrodoX, and Dxbx.

Xbox Emulators Free Download full version

Some Famous Games for Consoles

Users can easily download the setup for Emulator and install it on PC having Microsoft Windows operating system. After the installation of the setup users will be able to play all the console games on their PC without having any issue. Like 360 and One, PlayStation IV, PlayStation III emulators are also available. You can have the setup of one by following the post PS4 Emulator.

System Requirements for Xbox Emulator

There are no minimum requirements for an emulator Software, requirements are needed for a game which user intends to play using this software.

Emulator Download Details

License: Full Version
Size: N/A
Genre: Emulating Application
OS: Windows/Xbox

Follow the link in the below button and get the copy for your setup, do not forget to follow the instruction given right below the download file option in the link you will follow.

Xbox 360 Emulator
Xbox 360 Emulator Download

Xbox One Emulator
Xbox One Emulator Download

Ballance PC Game Free Download

Ballance PC Game Free Download
One of the pioneers of the 3D-Games Ballance Puzzle based video game is now available for Free download full version for PC. This Single player mode puzzle game is one of the best in the genre, you can easily download it and play it on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP and others. Ballance has some distinguishing features because of which it is loved by the people. On Microsoft Windows, you can install it on both x86 and x64 operating modes i.e. (64-Bit and 32-Bit). This masterpiece is given out totally free by the developers Cyprade, it was published by the company named Atari. In this game, all you have to do is to set a path where you will have to move the ball to make it to the final point where you will win it. Users are also allowed to change the material of the ball it can either be a wood or a paper, some players consider it to be the important part of the gameplay as they noticed that the stability and control of the ball are dependent on the material it is made of. The player can earn power-up points if he is able to roll the ball through placed objects which come after some distance. Link to download the setup for Ballance PC game is given below you can easily install and play it for free.

In the start, a user is allowed to play only 1 level which is unlocked for him, later when he keeps playing he can go through unlocking various levels. The difficulty of each level increases as the player goes up the level, the last level is 12 which is the difficult most of all.

At a path defined in the game, there are various obstacles and hurdles user has to tackle, all these checkpoints are placed at various spots in the map user has to pass through all of them to reach the end goal and finish the level. Players have the option of choosing among a mouse or a keyboard for playing this puzzle game, most users like to play with the mouse.

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Ballance System Requirements

Intel CPU: Pentium 2 (1.2 GHz)
Nvidia CPU: Not Required
RAM:128 MB Minimum
OS: Windows XP or 7
HDD Space: 110 - 130 MB
Others: Keyboard, Mouse, and DirectX

Ballance Free Download Details

License: Free to Play/Freeware
Developers: Cyparade
Publishers: Atari

NOTE: Following the link given below you will land on a web page where you will find a blue Download button clicking which your setup will start downloading automatically.

free download ballance pc game

Free Download Windows Server 2016 ISO

Free Download Windows Server 2016 ISO
Microsoft's Windows Server 2016 is now officially available to download. It is released for free usage with an open license and everyone can download its full version. It is basically server operating system which belongs to the family of Windows NT operating systems. It can be installed on both 32-Bit (X86) and 64-Bit (X64) modes of operating. The company officially announced this software at Ignite conference and it was released in September 2016. Both graphical (shell) and command line (PowerShell) interfaces are given in this product. Before downloading this free you can choose among five types of licenses which are Trialware, Volume Licensing, Microsoft Software Assurance, MSDN Subscription and Microsoft Imagine. Many organizations including educational, business and all other domains are working with servers so this product is a basic necessity for everyone.

The setup of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is available in ISO file which can easily be downloaded to your personal computer. You will need IDM to get your files in your system, no other Drivers are required for the installation but you will require any disc burning or mounting tool as your file is in ISO format.

Some of the features of this tool are mentioned below:

  • Microsoft Windows Defender: Its own Antimalware gets installed automatically with its installation to keep the system secure and protected.
  • Remote Desktop Services: OpenGL 4.4, OpenCL 1.1, Multipoint service Role and others are also being supported.
  • DHCP: Unlike the previous version 2012, this latest edition does not support Network Access Protection (NAP).
  • Network Controller: To configure, Manage, Monitor and Troubleshoot new servers roles are being given.

Windows Server 16 ISO Download Details

License: Trialware/Freeware
OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
Version/Edition: Latest (2017)

Download Windows Server 2016 ISO

download free windows server 2016

On clicking the button above, a new link will pop up in the new tab which is of official page, you will have to register to get a download link. The setup is totally free and is in full version.

Download iTunes 11 Free for Windows

iTunes is a software developed by famous company Apple whose products have always emerged as an innovation. It is used to manage various products like iPhone, iPad, iPod. iTunes 11 is the latest version of this software which can be installed on MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows to let users organize their all kinds of media files, mostly it used to download music files and videos available on iTunes Store. It is totally free to use and enjoy and Apple Inc. provides all types of back-end support for this amazing application. It comes from both 32-Bit (x86) and 64-Bit (x64) operating systems and can be installed for free on Windows 10/8/7. Users can download the full version of this application for any of their operating systems. This free software is being used the worldwide as a mobile device management application and iPad, iPhone, iPod devices users are getting benefits out of it. Users can download their tracks, videos, TV shows, movies from iTunes-Store. The latest most edition of this application is 12.57 but people still love to use the old version because of it's user-friendly and easy interactive user interface.

This software/application is a basic need of every person who has an Apple Inc Product, without this they can not organize data on their devices. One of the other features is that it can maintain backup for all your data. This free software is available for download in 28 languages of the world, which makes it multi-lingual product.

Download iTunes 11 full version

Separate versions for Windows 7 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems are available to the users, similarly, if someone wants to use it on Windows 8 or 10 they can find their desired edition easily by following the link being provided below this post which takes to the official website of the developers.

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iTunes Details

Version: Latest
OS: Windows/MAC
License: Free to use.
Developers: Apple Inc.

iTunes 11 (32-Bit)

By following the link you will find a blue button which will get you a setup for the desired edition. It can be used for iOS 9 and later.
free Download iTunes 11 32-bit

iTunes 11 (64-Bit)

This link below will let you get your copy of setup which can be used for iOS 9 or later, you need to click the button on the page that will open.

free Download iTunes 11 64-bit

Other OS

This link has all the versions of the application, you need to find one of your need.

free Download iTunes 11 all versions