Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice Game

A dark fantasy video game developed by a very small team who was led by a famous game director Tameen Antoniades at a British gaming studio Ninja Theory. Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice falls under Action-adventure video-game genre which follows Norse Mythology and Celtic Culture. Senua is the main character of the game who belonged to a Northern Scotland during the Early Iron age and late medieval age. She was a fierce warrior who fought against the Helheim and defeated them after facing all the challenges that came across her way, she did all this to rescue her late lover's soul from Hela who is the goddess of Norse mythology. The development team worked in cooperation with the neuroscientist, doctors, and mental health specialists because they had to represent Senua's struggle against her mental disease called Psychosis due to which Senua hears voices from her head called "furies" and memories from her past. She believed that this is not a mental condition but a curse and she is being haunted by Darkness (an unknown entity). She sacrifices and struggled with her mental condition and rulers of her time with an objective of rescuing her lover's soul. Hellblade featured one of the best cutscenes of the gaming world, the voice-over in this game was amazing, it was done by different voice artists. Many live actions by famous motion capture actress and performances from other artists too were part of these legendary cutscenes of this dark fantasy video-game. Critics appreciated Hell Blade because of its unique gameplay, its characters, and representation of her psychosis. Its story and features were so amazing that more than one million copies were sold in a time span of less than a year.

Hellblade was developed and published by Ninja Theory an independent gaming studio based in British. It has elements of psychological Horror, Puzzle Solving and Hack-and-slash which can be called tabletop role-playing style. The director and writer of this game are Tameem Antoniade, two senior designers named Joe Nelson and Juan Fernandez designed it. Gavin Costello, Loong Wei Ding, Melanie Hall, Stefano Prosperi are the programmers of this amazing action-adventure video-game. Hell Blade uses Unreal Engine 4 and is available only in Single player gaming mode.

Hellblade PC, PS4, Xbox One

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Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice Gameplay

This video-game has one of the best gameplay, it has been divided into two parts. In the first part, the character is allowed to wander in surroundings to discover various things. She can follow the story which is being guided to her by the voice over of the game or she can solve different puzzles placed in the game to interact when moving from one place to another. As the character faces an unhealthy mental condition so she has to use her focus capacity for solving different puzzles. Cutscenes appear during the gameplay at different stages making it more interesting to play.

In another kind of gameplay, she has to fight against different enemies who belong to Northmen. These enemies can be bosses and lords of Norse Mythology and they have been blocking her way to progress. When she fights with a certain opponent her sword is in her hand and she can use either Quick attack or Heavy Attack. She can also kick them if they are trying to block her attacks by using dodge or parry techniques. Unlike other action-adventure video-games, there is no HUD (status bar showing indications) or Tutorials instead of these there are audio indications that comes when she hears voices from her head due to psychosis.


To complete the game to the end Ninja Theory released official walkthrough for Hellblade using which you can lead your character Senua to fight her enemies and rescue her lover's soul. She is supposed to sacrifice her life to do this. The walkthrough is presented in sections, you can follow all of them by visiting this link.

PC and PlayStation 4 Edition

Ninja Theory officially released Hellblade for Microsoft Windows and PS4 (PlayStation) on August 08 2017. It was released for the general public only through digital channels, even then it was the best selling video game for PS4 during the August 2018. Features for both these platforms were almost the same and both have the same gameplay, graphics, and story.

Xbox One Edition

One year later after the original release, the developers came up with Xbox one edition of the game on April 11, 2018. They also gave out enhanced graphical support for Xbox One X, fully updated virtual reality support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Headsets was also given out along this release.

What Remains of Edith Finch Game for PS4, PC and Xbox

What Remains of Edith Finch Game for PS4, PC and Xbox
What Remains of Edith Finch, what a strange name for a game it is but this is one of the best adventure video-games of the decade. This cross-platform game is developed by Giant Sparrow and Annapurna Interactive holds the credits of publishing it. As the name suggests this adventure game is focused on a character Edith Finch who belonged to the famous family Finch, she is the last living family member of the house. This family has a curse because of which one member in every generation has died in an unusual way. After the death of her mother, she arrives back to the house which is located at the Coast of Washington State. This house belongs to the finch family but they left this house a few years back in urgency. When she comes back and visits her relatives' homes she gets to know how they all died. This game is based on an anthology of Finch family from Edith's perspective. This Free game received really good reviews from the critics and also won the number of different awards which includes British Academy Award, Game Developers Choice Awards, The Game awards. It got over a million downloads all around the globe. The full game is not available for free but after purchasing paid edition you can play it on all these three platforms. This game falls in a first-person exploration gaming genre, the character explores all the surrounding areas of his home town and his own old house. He has to go through crawlspaces, footpaths, rooms, and houses which are placed in a linear way. The player is guided about different scene by Edith Finch in her voice narration.

Edith visits the different house which belonged to her relatives and explores what happened to them and experiences how they died. The player's profiles progress as he passes through remains of her relatives. When the game starts the player has a journal of Finch family which explains how her great grandfather escaped coast of Washington State as he wanted to get rid of the curse that has been going through his family for generations. They flew the o United States and wanted not to come back to this place ever again. The player reads all the story about them how they left their home town, what happened to them during their journey and how they lived after that.

What Remain of Edith Finch PS4 Game

As we know this game has versions for different gaming platforms, it is also made for PlayStation IV and everyone can download it for this platform. Almost all the features are same, there are no changes in the gameplay and features. PS4 edition of this video-game is not free to play, anyone who wishes to get this he has to buy it from official developers.

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PC, Xbox Edition of What Remains of Edith Finch

It is also released for PC and Xbox gaming consoles, you can download Demo version for PC but to have full version purchase the official game from developer's website. Features and gameplay are almost the same as other versions. But in some reviews, it is being said that graphics of PC edition are better than other two platforms.

What Remains of Edith Finch Game
Picture Credits: PlayStation Store

Final Words

There are a fewer number of video-games available in the genre of First person Exploration and this legendary game is on top of the list. It is the second game developed by the Giant Sparrow game development team. They worked on the idea of developing a game that can give players a gaming experience of how it feels when you interact to explore how it feels to find something that is beautiful. We recommend playing this game to our readers from the facts known about it.

Destiny 2 Exotics | Raid | Clan

In this detailed article, we will discuss Destiny 2 Exotics, Raid and Clan. Exotics are basically weapons, armors and other gears with highest capabilities. Now what is Raid in this game, they are endgame contents which are extremely challenging but they have minimum requirements for all types of players and gives out best loot of the gameplay, which is the reason people are interested in them the most. Clan, as the name suggests, is a group of other players which can be joined to take out missions with them. Joining this such groups enhances your online gaming experience. We will discuss Raid, Exotics, and Clans of Destiny 2 in detail but first, we need to talk about the game. Destiny 2 is a first-person shooting video game released by the collaboration of Activision and Bungie. It was released in 2017 for multiple platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows (PC). It is considered as the subsequent expansion and sequel of the series first game which was released in 2014. Elements of role-playing gameplay are added in this game but the game is set in an open-world environment with Multiplayer online gaming mode. There are two types of activities in the gameplay, Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus player (PvP). The player has to follow story-based missions but also he can play in a raid which has six players involved and "Strikes" in which three players are involved.

The player plays the game through the perspective of a character named as "Guardian" who once used to wield the power of Light which can protect the last City of Earth. He is the protector of this last safe city of earth and this power of light was what he can use to protect this city, he wields this power from aliens of different races. One of the races of Aliens named "The Cabal" whose leader is Dominus Ghaul infiltrates into the last city and consumes all the power. Now the player has to assume Guardian's role to regain this power so that the city can be saved for the possible enemies. There are many add-on contents which will get you more missions and stories, this feature is similar to the previous edition of the series.

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There are three famous expansion packs for the game named as Curse of Osiris, Warmind and Forsaken which came out in December 2017, May 2018, and September respectively. Curse of Osiris and Warmind were small expansions but Forsaken was the largest expansion to the original game. Sometime later the original game and these three expansions were packaged into a single game and it was released with the name of Destiny 2: Forsaken Legendary Collection. The previous edition has not received good reviews and critics score for its story and features but this version has been praised for the improvements made to it and the features it provides to the players. So generally, it received good reviews from the critics for the story it has and an actual fleshed out villain in the game.

Exotics in Destiny 2 Game

Exotics are the most lethal weapons and armor in the game with an amazing type of perks and stats, they are categorized in the Yellow/Golden class weapons and armors. There is only one limitation for them that they can not be picked up together at the same time, that means you can only have an exotic weapon or armor at a moment. In the original game, there were many such yellow and golden class items available, but the number of armors and weapons introduced in the expansion packs released by the Bungie games are increased.

There are different ways you can get these items, the most common of all is to Decrypt Exotic Engrams. You can also pick up them by participating in Public Events, chests or Crucible matches and getting rewards from them. Other sources of these items are Xur (Special Vendors), Special quests and missions, Bright Engrams or you can get them by increasing your drop rate with three of coins. There are certain exotics which are really powerful and they require many steps to be done in order to unlock them. The list of these weapons and armor is very long but we have tried to gather all of them in a single place.

Destiny 2 Exotics List

Sr.NoExotic WeaponTypeUnlock MethodEnergy Type
1.Ace of SpadesHand CanonAce of Spades QuestKinetic / Primary
2.Lord of WolvesShotgunRandom Drop from Wanted BountySolar/Special
3.One thousand voicesFusion RifleRare drop at the end of Last Wish raidSolar/Power
4.ThunderlordHeavy Machine GunLost Cryptarch JournalArc/Heavy
5.Two-Tailed FoxRocket LauncherDrop, Engram or VendorVoid/Heavy
6.Wish EnderCombat BowWish-Ender QuestKinetic / Primary
7.The QueenbreakerLinear Fusion Rifle Drop, Engram or VendorArc / Primary
8.Trinity GhoulCombat BowDrop, Engram or VendorArc/Primary
9.WavesplitterTrace RifleTimed PS4 exclusiveVoid/Special
10.Black TalonSwordDrop, Engram or VendorVoid/Heavy
11.MalfeasanceHand CanonMalfeasance QuestKinetic / Primary
12.The ChaperoneShotgunChaperone QuestSolar/Special
13.Wavesplitter Trace RifleTimed PS4 exclusive

14.One Thousand VoicesFusion RifleRare drop at the end of Last Wish raidSolar / Power
15.Worldline ZeroSword (Power)Collect 35 Lost Memory FragmentsVoid
16.Suros RegimeAuto Rifle (Kinetic)Drop, Engram or VendorKinetic
17.Sleeper SimulantLinear Fusion RifleSleeper Simulant questSolar
18.The HuckleberrySubmachine GunDrop, Engram or VendorKinetic
19.Wordline ZeroSword Collect 35 Lost memory fragmentsVoid
20.TelestoFusion RifleDrop, Engram or VendorVoid
21.The Jade RabbitScout RifleDrop, Engram or VendorKinetic
22.CrimsonHando CanonDrop, Engram or VendorKinetic
23.ColdheartTrace RiflePre-order then visit the PostmasterArc
24.Graviton LancePulse RifleStory RewardVoid
25.MercilessFusion RifleDrop, Engram or VendorSolar
26.Rat KingSidearmRat king riddle questKinetic
27.Tractor CanonShotgunDrop, Engram or VendorVoid

Raid in Destiny 2 Game

In this Online first-person shooting video game, you can play raid missions in a PvP mode where you along with other 5 people join together and try to defeat some other group of six people playing online. This feature was available in the previous edition as well and it has been made part of this version as well along with a normal story-based mission. Guided Game is a feature introduced in this game which is its unique way to matchmaking, it enables the other players to search for the relevant people who can join them in Raids or complete the Clan in order to carry out any mission Strike.
Destiny 2 Exotics | Raid | Clan
In the previous edition, this was not possible in the gameplay, you were not allowed to make a match by yourself. Matchmaking was based on what the game choose for you, it was known as on-the-fly match and you were able to communicate with the people the game chose for you. Raids can improve your characters EXP more than any other type of mission, gaining Experience Points (EXP) is very important because it's a good way to level up your character to show better performance in the game.

Raid Report in Destiny 2

Bungie has provided an online platform where you can find reports for all the raids, Different type of reports are available on this official website. Some of the famously known raids are Scourage of the Past, Last Wish, Spire of Stars, Eater of Worlds, and Leviathan and on this online reporting platform separate reports for all of them is available each divided into Full Clears Leaderboard (Total), Speedrun Leaderboards (All), Sherpa Leaderboards (Total), World's First Leaderboard (Normal). Players record will be available once they join the particular raid. You can check out this report using this link.

Clans of Destiny 2

As we know there are many types of missions in this game where you have to play in groups the groups of player can stay together permanently or for more than one multiplayer game, such groups of player are called clans. Destiny 2 allows players to form factions or guilds only and play with other groups online to defeat them. When players fight in clans they get more EXP for this that's why people are interested in forming groups with other players. Using "Guided Game" feature players can find like-minded players to form a clan.

Super Mario Bros. 2 Game

Super Mario Bros. 2 Game
Super Mario Bros 2 is a Nintendo's second addition to Super Mario Bros game series. This game was released in 1988 for NES, Super NES, Gameboy Advance and PlayChoice-10 gaming platforms. Basically, it is a Platform game which is sub-genre of action games. In this type of video games, the player has to control a character to avoid the various type of obstacles which are suspended and placed in his way. Most of the time the player needs to jump in order to avoid the obstacles, there are many types of scenery in the background. Most of this genre games got a lot of popularity all around the globe, people have loved these types of games and enjoyed playing it. In beginning, it was released only for Nintendo Entertainment System but later it was remade for other above-mentioned platforms. This single-player video game is one of the most played classical game in the history of the gaming world. It only supports single-player mode, unlike the prequel which was a multiplayer game. In its 2D side-scrolling game, you have to navigate your character's avatar through different stages and level which are located in a dream world. There are four protagonists in the game and you have to choose one from them, at end of every stage or level you have to beat an antagonist whose name is Wart. Each of these characters possesses the different type of strengths and abilities which makes them unique from one another, these four characters are names as Toad, Luigi, Mario, and Princess Toadstool.

In the previous version of the series Super Mario Bros the character could only go from left to right but in this edition, you have a freedom of going right to left as well. You can choose different characters in order to pass different levels of the game. Mario has an ability to jump farthest so in missions where there are obstacles placed at distant locations you can select Mario. Luigi's jump is very high as compared to the other characters so where you think you need to jump high to deceive obstacles you can select Luigi. You can select Toad when you need to pick items fast because his speed in picking up items is very fast and he is really good at that.

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More than 20 different type of levels are featured in this edition of the series, each level is plotted in a unique world. The player has to complete three stages of each level, you will experience deserts, snowy lands, quicksand as a theme of every stage. Different types of items are placed between the levels and you can collect these items to increase the health and abilities of your character. At the end of every level, there is an enemy and you have to defeat him to complete the round. At the end of the 7th world, you will face Wart, the objective is to kill him to end the game.
Super Mario Brothers 2
Image credits: Youtube
All the characters have a dream about entering a new world called dreamland which is cursed by a tyrant who is a frog known as Wart. Mario when meets Luigi, Toad, and Princess share his dream and finds they all of them had the same dream in which they are asked for help to defeat Wart so that doom to dreamland could be brought to an end. When they decide to help the people and fight the enemy they find out that it's a long way to kill that monster, but somehow they are successful in doing this. When everyone is celebrating Mario wakes up from the sleep and finds out that all this happened in his dream, he is unsure whether it all happened in real or not.

Super Mario Bros. 2 ROM

Super Mario Bros. 2 can be played on the PC if downloaded, for playing it on a browser you will need a ROM. It can be downloaded from different sources and installed on your PC. Basically, after downloading this ROM, you can Emulate the game on Microsoft Windows. It can be played on any device in a high quality and at best performance. You can find a link to the setup of this Nintendo emulator on Google.

Critics score for this amazing game is really good, you should also play this classic game. There are many other side-scrolling video-games in the market but the Super Mario Bros series is famous for its attractive gameplay and features. The difficulty level of all levels and stages can be adjusted according to the player's wish which is one of the most interesting features of all editions of this series.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Horizon Zero Dawn 2
Talk about the most anticipated action role-playing game of last year and you will have a thought of Horizon Zero Dawn for sure. It's the very first action role-playing game ever made by the Guerilla games. This famous video game was released for PlayStation 4 only and in single player mode. Ever since the release of its first edition people have been anticipating its next version, but the question is what do the developers say about Horizon Zero Dawn 2? Nothing. There is no news regarding its expected release date or anything, but everyone is speculating that it's coming out soon. Aloy is the famous character who featured in the game, the plot of the game follows him. Aloy sets out in a world which is overrun by gigantic machine and she needs to uncover what happened to her world and her past. The player control this character to gain skills, use weapons to fight against a creature which is mechanized. The player can also go out in an open world environment of the game to complete different missions and objects and gains strength, skills, and power. This belongs to few of those gaming franchises which was successful to secure many awards, even the critics praised its features and reviewed it as an excellent game. Horizon's combat technology is very different than others, its story is amazing, sound and graphical features gives competition to world-class games of the market. It has a record for one of the best selling games of PlayStation IV, by selling more than 7 million copies in just a short period of over a year.

Will Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be a third person perspective action role-play just like its sequel or it will be developed in a different way, this question is yet to be answered by the Guerilla Games. Who will be the publisher of this game? Again Sony Interactive Entertainment or someone else will win the honor. Will it be released for PlayStation only or the coming masterpiece will be released for other platforms also, User would be able to emulate it to PC using PS4 Emulator or not. All these questions are making gamers curious as they are not hearing anything from the developers.

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With the number of sales the previous edition had, there are no possibilities that Sony would let guerilla games publish it on any other platform. Microsoft would surely be looking forth to capture the deal for the Xbox One version of the game. Another question that makes the users curious that would Aloy return in the sequel or some other character will be introduced. Recently Hermen Hulst tweeted a picture in which he said that they are adding an old mansion to their studio, that means they are expanding their studio space which can be a signal that the development of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 has already begun.
horizon zero dawn 2 fan art
Fan Art featuring Aloy

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Release Date

The anticipation of users is getting higher as the time passes, most of the people were expecting it in 2018 but its almost the end of this year and there are still no words about its release. Now the curiosity still remains and there are most possible chances that it will be announced in mid of 2019, but still, who knows? what Sony is cooking no one knows until any official reference about the release is given.

If the above-mentioned sequel ever comes out, it will receive a huge response because of the anticipation of the users. 7 Million people played the previous edition and most of them have claimed that they still play it. Some said that they are confused why it was not given a title of Game of the year 2017, as it is the top-selling video-game of the year. According to GamesRadar, it might be released in the year 2020 But even they are not sure about it.

Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor
Warlords of Draenor is one of the expansions of World of Warcraft series. It was released after Mists of Pandaria as a fifth installment. This amazing expansion was released in November 2013 and had earned a lot of fame for the franchise. WoW is basically a Massively Multiplayer Online role-playing game (MMORPG), many expansions were made for the game and this is one of those expansions. The main focus was to introduce upgradeable garrisons which can be built by the players, this helped the WoW to increase the cap level to 100 which was previously 90. This expansion also increased the system requirements of the game as it enhanced the facial expressions, graphical textures and many other features of the game. Before this expansion, the player can go up to 90 level but this allowed the players to go up to the level 100. Only eight 5-Man Dungeons and one raid were part of this expansion at the start. The difficulty of raids was also balanced as this set includes a new level which was called mythic by the developers. The players are given a freedom of customizing their garrisons, in their own upgradeable garrisons they are able to recruit new non-player characters which can be trained to earn NPC experience and items. These trained players can be used to carry out missions as well.

Player vs Player aspect of the game was enhanced a lot, the developers changed it in such a way that crowd control abilities are reduced. The PvP-focused area is also added in the game which they called Ashran island, this area has many new battles and objectives for the players. World of Warcraft is being played by millions of people around the globe and expansion sets have been released ever since the development of the original game to keep improving it and making it better.

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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor sets in the homeland of orcs Draenor which was shown as an original universe of orcs in previous versions of the game. All the events of this expansion set take place after the events of Mists of Pandaria, orcs homeland was destroyed and creation of outland occurred in prior editions of the game. Garrosh Hellscream who was Warcheif of the horde was overthrown at the end of the Mists of Pandaria, Pandaren took him into the custody so that he can be trialed against the crimes and atrocities he did.

Warlords of Draenor wow

Garrosh instead of being judged took help from the dragon named Kairozdormu and fled the captivity. This regenade dragon took garrosh to the orcish homeland Draenor where he kills the Kairoz. His grandfather Grommash once drank the blood of the demon lord whose name was Lord Mannoroth, this event corrupted the orcs and have a major influence on the events of all the prior games. After the murder of Kairoz, he was able to change this history about his grandfather.

At the very start of the launch, many players had an issue of latency. Some players had to wait in long queues. Locations, where the concentration of users was higher had shown unexpected issues and also developers noticed some DDoS attacks on their servers. Everyone who faced any of these issues was given a compensation when they were given five days of subscription for free. Warlords of Draenor was reviewed well from the critics. On top critical review platform for games Metacritics this version successfully scored 87 out of 100.