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Internet Download Manager 2017 is the latest version of the famous software package IDM. It is released for Free download on Windows, MAC, and Linux. IDM 17 is basically an accelerator which boosts your speed of downloading the data and enables you to make instant downloads of megabytes of data. Users can install this amazing tool in different ways, you can get its offline standalone installer or can get a full version of setup to install it on your PC manually. This tool is totally free to use and has a support from the developers. Both 64-Bit and 32-Bit versions are released for every version of Microsoft Windows. This software actually splits up the file into smaller sized files and then get each divided part one by one, this increases the speed of the process and ultimately results in the successful and stable file. Internet Download Manager 2017 is vastly being used for downloading Audio, Video, Documents, Zip and many other formatted files. Especially it is helpful when you need to get any clip from video streaming websites like Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo. It has an extensive support for almost every widely used browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Internet Download Manager 2017 has many other features which make the downloading way easier than it ever was. At the completion, files will go to the particular type of folder which it belongs to. Music files will to the folder of music, videos to the video folder same is the case with Documents and Applications. This free tool has many unlimited features which can be used when a full version is installed in the system.

Broader Features of IDM 17

  • Gives Resuming, Pausing and error recovery compatibility in case of interruption.
  • Data is sent and received over Encrypted HTTPS server which ensures security.
  • Files are downloaded using dynamic segments fragmentation and then saved on disk.
  • Increases the speed up to five times, which is better than any other manager.
  • Has on Completion options like shutdown, hibernate etc.
  • It is a multilingual software which supports more than 6 Languages.

Other Full software/Applications

Free Internet Download Manager 2017 Details

Operating System: Windows XP, 7 & 8
License: Free to use Trial
Developers: Tonec Inc,
Version: Latest (6.3.0)

Simply click the button placed below, after clicking you will be redirected to the official site page from where you can get a setup of your desired version.

Internet Download Manager 2017 Free Download

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