Free Download Contra PC Full Game

Free Download Contra PC Full Game
Contra Game is one of the most classical games ever developed, it is a series of old games which used to rule over the gaming empire. Contra PC full game was developed by Konami and was released as a free download to the users. It is a multi-platform run and kills game which focuses on endless running for killing. Now you can download the famous most edition of this great series and can play it on Microsoft Windows (PC), Arcade, Commodore-64, and others. The full version of this edition is free to download easily, it is basically a Run and Gun single player video game but it can be played in a cooperative mood as well. Another name for which it is famous in Europe and Oceania is Gryzor, it was first released to the market in 1987. The title is referring to the group of super Nicaraguan rebels which were backed by CIA, this group was quite famous in the United States back in late 80's so the title gets a name. There was also a Home version available for Nintendo Entertainment Systems, originally it was made for a coin based Arcade system. In this game the player needs to keep killing the enemies, he can pick various kinds of weapons for shooting. Konami is a Japanese company so there is a separate version in the Japanese language.

Super Contra game allows you to play it through various perspectives like you can play it through standard side view, a pseudo-3D view and a Fixed screen format view. As there is a feature of cooperative super gaming mode in which a player can have a support from a friend, so two players can play it online at a time. There are two characters when you are playing with your fellow warrior, the one would be Bill which has Blonde hair and wears a white tank top with the blue bandanna. The other character is Lance which is a dark haired commando with red bandanna wearing no shirt.

Free Download Contra game

There are different kinds of moves available for the player, he can jump, move, shoot, curl into somersaults. Using 8-way joysticks you can even dodge the enemy's bullets and can save yourself from different wounds, this is mostly done by crouching on the ground i.e. bringing your character to a lower level so that he can avoid the bullet but this is not the way for every time.

Other Editions

There are more than 14 versions of the series which you can install and enjoy, titles of some of those super games are mentioned below:

  • Super Contra
  • Operation C
  • Legacy of War
  • Hard Corps: Uprising
  • Contra 3D Evolution
  • Neo: Shattered Soldiers
  • The C Adventure: ReBirth
  • Contra III: The Aliens War

Other PC Full Games

Free Download Super Contra Details

Version: Latest
Developers: Konami
License: Demo
Platform: Windows
Size: 101 MB

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Download Super Contra game

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