Download iTunes 11 Free for Windows

iTunes is a software developed by famous company Apple whose products have always emerged as an innovation. It is used to manage various products like iPhone, iPad, iPod. iTunes 11 is the latest version of this software which can be installed on MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows to let users organize their all kinds of media files, mostly it used to download music files and videos available on iTunes Store. It is totally free to use and enjoy and Apple Inc. provides all types of back-end support for this amazing application. It comes from both 32-Bit (x86) and 64-Bit (x64) operating systems and can be installed for free on Windows 10/8/7. Users can download the full version of this application for any of their operating systems. This free software is being used the worldwide as a mobile device management application and iPad, iPhone, iPod devices users are getting benefits out of it. Users can download their tracks, videos, TV shows, movies from iTunes-Store. The latest most edition of this application is 12.57 but people still love to use the old version because of it's user-friendly and easy interactive user interface.

This software/application is a basic need of every person who has an Apple Inc Product, without this they can not organize data on their devices. One of the other features is that it can maintain backup for all your data. This free software is available for download in 28 languages of the world, which makes it multi-lingual product.

Download iTunes 11 full version

Separate versions for Windows 7 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems are available to the users, similarly, if someone wants to use it on Windows 8 or 10 they can find their desired edition easily by following the link being provided below this post which takes to the official website of the developers.

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iTunes Details

Version: Latest
OS: Windows/MAC
License: Free to use.
Developers: Apple Inc.

iTunes 11 (32-Bit)

By following the link you will find a blue button which will get you a setup for the desired edition. It can be used for iOS 9 and later.
free Download iTunes 11 32-bit

iTunes 11 (64-Bit)

This link below will let you get your copy of setup which can be used for iOS 9 or later, you need to click the button on the page that will open.

free Download iTunes 11 64-bit

Other OS

This link has all the versions of the application, you need to find one of your need.

free Download iTunes 11 all versions

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