Mafia 3 Download Full PC Game

Mafia 3 Download Full PC Game
Mafia 3 is the latest edition of the famous Mafia action-adventure video game series whose first version was fully available for Download back in 2002. This adventure game franchise is one of the best, even the critics have given a positive review about it. This edition is made in 2016 and its demo was given out for free download, for a full version of the game one needs to purchase the license. It has been released for various platforms including PC (Microsoft Windows), PS4 (PlayStation IV), Xbox One, and MAC OS. The main objective of the player is to avenge the family of the Lincoln Clay who was a Vietnam Veteran, the player adopts his character and the game is played in a third person perspective. This edition has a bigger map than the previous versions, the name of the city is New Bordeaux which is the re-imagination of New Orleans (map of the previous installment of series). In this PC game, the player can call for help from the allies who can come to assist in killing his target. Or the player has a free choice of eliminating the enemies himself by using different types of weapons like shotguns, pistols and Assault rifles, some of the weapons are locked in Demo version.

Mafia III is considered as one of the finest franchise of the action-adventure genre, its third person perspective is also remarkable. People who played it even for once enjoyed it a lot, you can also use stealth tactics for completion of the objective. The player can even go for a hand to hand combat (Melee Attack) and can cover himself behind various objects to avoid contact with the enemies.

Mafia 3 Gameplay

Mafia 3 gameplay

In above picture, you can see the Gameplay in which the main character Lincoln Clay is trying to hide from the enemies who can be seen shooting at him. The player can also recruit mercenaries to work for him like in the start of this PC game he gets to recruit three under bosses who used to be his fellow criminals.

Lincoln after serving as a soldier in the Vietnam war comes back to take charge of a family gang "Black Mob" who raised him as he was orphan. Clay reunites with his brother and father Sammy and they recruit people to run their gang.

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Mafia 3 System Requirements

OS: Windows (10/8/7)
CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD FX 8120
RAM Size: 6 GB (Minimum)
GPU Memory: 2 GB (Nvidia Geforce GTX 660)
Alternate GPU: 2 GB (Radeon HD7870)
HDD Space: 51 GB
Others: DirectX installation

Free Download Details

License: Free to play DEMO
Version: Latest
Developer: Hangar 13
Publisher: 2K

NOTE: The link below will let you download a demo of mafia 3, it is totally free to play. The full version requires purchasing the license key for it.

mafia III free download

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