Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Horizon Zero Dawn 2
Talk about the most anticipated action role-playing game of last year and you will have a thought of Horizon Zero Dawn for sure. It's the very first action role-playing game ever made by the Guerilla games. This famous video game was released for PlayStation 4 only and in single player mode. Ever since the release of its first edition people have been anticipating its next version, but the question is what do the developers say about Horizon Zero Dawn 2? Nothing. There is no news regarding its expected release date or anything, but everyone is speculating that it's coming out soon. Aloy is the famous character who featured in the game, the plot of the game follows him. Aloy sets out in a world which is overrun by gigantic machine and she needs to uncover what happened to her world and her past. The player control this character to gain skills, use weapons to fight against a creature which is mechanized. The player can also go out in an open world environment of the game to complete different missions and objects and gains strength, skills, and power. This belongs to few of those gaming franchises which was successful to secure many awards, even the critics praised its features and reviewed it as an excellent game. Horizon's combat technology is very different than others, its story is amazing, sound and graphical features gives competition to world-class games of the market. It has a record for one of the best selling games of PlayStation IV, by selling more than 7 million copies in just a short period of over a year.

Will Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be a third person perspective action role-play just like its sequel or it will be developed in a different way, this question is yet to be answered by the Guerilla Games. Who will be the publisher of this game? Again Sony Interactive Entertainment or someone else will win the honor. Will it be released for PlayStation only or the coming masterpiece will be released for other platforms also, User would be able to emulate it to PC using PS4 Emulator or not. All these questions are making gamers curious as they are not hearing anything from the developers.

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With the number of sales the previous edition had, there are no possibilities that Sony would let guerilla games publish it on any other platform. Microsoft would surely be looking forth to capture the deal for the Xbox One version of the game. Another question that makes the users curious that would Aloy return in the sequel or some other character will be introduced. Recently Hermen Hulst tweeted a picture in which he said that they are adding an old mansion to their studio, that means they are expanding their studio space which can be a signal that the development of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 has already begun.
horizon zero dawn 2 fan art
Fan Art featuring Aloy

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Release Date

The anticipation of users is getting higher as the time passes, most of the people were expecting it in 2018 but its almost the end of this year and there are still no words about its release. Now the curiosity still remains and there are most possible chances that it will be announced in mid of 2019, but still, who knows? what Sony is cooking no one knows until any official reference about the release is given.

If the above-mentioned sequel ever comes out, it will receive a huge response because of the anticipation of the users. 7 Million people played the previous edition and most of them have claimed that they still play it. Some said that they are confused why it was not given a title of Game of the year 2017, as it is the top-selling video-game of the year. According to GamesRadar, it might be released in the year 2020 But even they are not sure about it.

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