Audacity Download Free for Windows and Android

Audacity Download Free for Windows and Android
Audacity is a digital auditor that is available for download, it is a free software application which can be used on multiple platforms including Windows, MAC OS, and Unix-Like. Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg are the developers of this tool they started developing this as a project at Carnegie Mellon University. It was released in 2000 as an open source audio editor. Users have been demanding it on Android as well but still, no version for the smartphone has been released officially. It was called the most popular open source software at times because it was downloaded more than over 78 Million times. It supports 37 different languages of the world and was developed using C and C++ programming languages. Apart from being an audio editor, it has a number of different features. Everyone can download Audacity without spending even a penny on it because of its freeware license. The current stable version of the software is 2.3.0 and it was updated a few months back in 2018.

Audacity not only lets you record audio from different sources, but you can also use it for post-processing of digital audio media. It supports almost every type of media formats some of which are really famous, MP3, MP4, WAV, AIFF, WMA, AAC, AMR and AC3 are some of the supported formats. Users can change the theme of their interface, four changeable themes are available in the user interface. This theme changing feature was introduced in 2.2.1 and later versions of the software.

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Audacity MP3 Export Converter - How to Convert WAV to MP3

You can use this free software to Export WAV files to MP3. For that, you will need to download LAME you can get it from here. Make sure you are downloading the version which supports your operating system. You will find separate versions for Windows and MAC OS. Now you can easily convert WAV files to MP3 using Audacity. Just follow the steps below:

1. Click Open from the File tab of the menu placed on the top of the interface.

audacity conversion

2. Now browse the WAV file you wish to convert to MP3, after this click Open.

audacity export mp3

3. Now in the File section, you will find the Export option, in sub-sections of Export, you will see Export as MP3. Click this and the conversion will automatically start.

audacity wav to mp3 using lame

4. After the conversion is done you can save the converted file to your desired location easily. Change the name of the file for your convenience.


If you find this Error on conversion "lame_enc.dll error " or something like this. Don't worry just locate the LAME file you have downloaded previously.

Features and Uses of Audacity

  • Editing of audio files has been made easier with this software as it provides an unlimited number of Copy, Cut, and Paste.
  • It supports sampling rates of 96 KHz with each sample having 32-Bits, this support for multiple channel modes enables it to do Multitrack mixing.
  • The cross-platform features let you edit one track on different supported operating systems.
  • Users can perform a spectrum analysis of audio using the algorithms integrated into this tool.
  • Scrubbing, Time recorder, MIDI Playback, and Punch Roll Recording of Recording and Playback features make your work easier.
  • Using the different number of different plug-ins you can implement various effects on your digital files.

Download Details

Size: 26 MB (Windows)
Size: 34 MB (MAC OS)
Version: 2.3.0
License: Free to Use

NOTE: All the libraries and installers for the particular operating system are available on the page you will be redirected to by clicking the download buttons placed below.
download audacity for windows
download audacity for MAC

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